A Guide to Prolong the Lifespan Of A Trampoline

How Long do Trampolines Last

Are you looking for ways to boost the lifespan of your trampoline? Are you still wondering what are trampolines made of? If these questions are still bothering you, then read the blog as we have discussed various ways to boost the lifespan of your trampoline and when to replace trampoline springs. Like all other investments, we are eager to know how long do trampolines last.
Trampolines are expensive and damaging them due to our negligence can burn a hole in our pocket. However, the damage is inevitable after a certain period of time, but we can still boost the operational life of the trampoline. You should also check out the various variants of a trampoline and buy a trampoline which is made up of high-quality parts and get the best rated trampolines. Below we have listed a few ways in which you can prolong the operational life of your trampoline:

  • Cover The Trampoline When Not Using

Ensure that you cover the trampoline when you are not using it. This way, you will prevent it from the harsh weather. Keeping it cover will safeguard it from the hot sun, dirt, and rain. Covering it will provide protection to the trampoline and keep it in the best shape possible. It will only take a few seconds to cover your trampoline after you use it to make sure you don’t forget to cover it.

  • Keep The Parts Of The Trampoline Functional

What are Trampolines Made of

In many variants of trampoline, you will find certain moving parts attached to it. Whereas, in some variants, the trampoline has legs that can be folded or screw it once they are assembled. If you have moving parts variant of the trampoline, then ensure that you move them at least once in a week. We suggest you unscrew the parts of the trampoline and clean it as it will prevent it from the dirt and avoid building-up of corrosive elements which damages the metal.

  • Protect It From The Harsh Weather Conditions

The harsh weather conditions can impact on the lifespan of the trampoline. Trampolines are made in such a way so that they can withstand the outside weather conditions. However, the trampoline’s springs can be affected while it snows as the ice can damage the spring. We recommend you not operate it while it snows and disassembles the parts of the trampoline. You should remove the mat, enclosure net, and springs and store it in a safe place. You can leave the frame outside, but don’t forget to cover it.

You should also safeguard your trampoline from the direct sunlight as it weakens the jump mat. The UV light can damage the jump mat if left exposed to the direct sunlight. We suggest you place the trampoline in a shady area and this way, prevent the damage caused by the sunlight.

  • Repair The Parts Quickly

If you use your trampoline on a daily basis, then the chances of tearing it increases. If you place the trampoline outside, then again due to several factors you can damage it. It is advisable to inspect the trampoline more often and if you notice that any part needs repair, then make sure you do it at the earliest. If the part of the trampoline is not repairable then, replace it as it can damage other parts too. Repairing the parts of a trampoline will not cost you much, however, if you neglect to repair it, then, replacing the parts will cost you more. Before repairing any part, read the instruction manual and see if the part is under the warranty.

  • Safeguard The Metal Parts

Make sure you safeguard the metal parts of your trampoline as it can reduce the operational life of the trampoline. We often focus on keeping the metal in good shape, however, we neglect to protect it from building up the corrosive elements. You can put a waxy coating on the metal parts as it protects it from the corrosive elements and moisture. By following this tip, you will not keep your trampoline in the best shape, but also boost its longevity.

The above are a few factors which you should consider and implement it while using the trampoline. By following the useful tips you will increase the lifespan of the trampoline and not face any problem while using it. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual as it will guide you on how to take extra precautions and prevent any damage.

We hope after reading the blog, we have solved all your queries regarding how to prolong the life of your trampoline. In this blog, we have guided you on how you can safeguard your trampoline from the harsh weather conditions and why it is necessary to repair it once any parts get damaged.

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