Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampolines Review

Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline Reviews

​​Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • ​No gap enclosure feature
  • ​Rust resistant
  • ​High-quality polyethene netting
  • ​Stability
  • ​Basketball hoop made of light-weight materials

What We Don't Like

  • ​Takes longer time to set up

Trampolines offer an exciting option for the kids by including physical activity while having fun as well as to learn some skills. With multiple options available in the market, it does become a challenge to choose the right one. We have reviewed the various trampolines and have analyzed them on various aspects like safety, durability, value for the money, etc and have come up with our choice of trampoline which is ideal for some basketball shooting and dunking action.

Read through the Skywalker trampolines review as we provide insights into why we feel it be the right choice for you.

The Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline is a value for money trampoline which offers safety and durability at a reasonable price. Skywalker is a known budget brand in the world of trampolines and this is one of their most popular products. The kids would find this trampoline a great option for not only bouncing on it but also use to learn and exhibit skills with the basketball like jumping, shooting, and dunking. Parents and caretakers can be assured about the safety features of the Skywalker trampoline, especially the No Gap enclosure design.

Who is this Product for?

On the onset, the trampoline is for anyone who would want to have some fun while learning and displaying their basketball skills. Ideally suited for kids above the age of 6, the trampoline can be part of the other outdoor activity setups like swings, monkey bars, etc.

This provides the kids with the activity needed to jump and strengthen their growing muscles and to keep them fit active. With the basketball hoop, the kids can learn to jump and throw the ball as well as to dunk it.

What’s Included?

The product comes in two box sets with varied items. Both the boxes are needed to install and set up the trampoline.

These boxes include:

First Box:

T-joint ( 6 nos ) Socket (6) Leg Extension (12 ) , Leg brace (6) along with Jump mat, Frame Pad, enclosure net ( one each ), 96 springs, straight & Curved tubes – 6 each , Pole Cap , end cap and Bolts ( 6 each ) as well as foam 12 in number.

The second box:

Rim, Net, String, backboard, Tightening cord, basketball, spring tool, Screwdriver ( one each) along with 33 screws, 2 support blocks and 12 Top Tubes.
The boxes also include a User manual & Safety placard along with one set of ASTM frame labels.
It is important to ensure that all these parts are received in the specified numbers to be able to set up the trampoline.

Overview of Features

Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline Review

One of the common aspects as part of the Skywalker trampolines review is the emphasis by Skywalker on the safety features. This trampoline has a patented No-gap enclosure design which removes any gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping mat. The kids using the trampoline are thus safeguarded from any danger by attaching the net at each spring.

There are 96 coiled springs outside the enclosure net, which adds on to the safety.

Since these springs are made out of steel with a rust-resistant coating, they last for a longer period. Further, the enclosure has a dual zipper and latch clip closure system for the safety of the kids. There are additional poles that support the structure of the enclosure. They are padded up and are angled at the top to keep the net away.

The basketball hoop is made of light materials to prevent any injury while dunking. The trampoline comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the frame along with one -year limited warranty on the other items.

How to install and Use Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline

Installation of the trampoline is quite a bit of activity. This is one of the concerns regularly highlighted in most of Skywalker trampolines review. The good part is that it comes with a user guide which includes step by step process of how to install. The first check is to ensure that you have all the items in the two boxes received. Once you confirm on that, proceed with the process specified and you should be able to set it up after some time.

Once set up, the trampoline is a great activity option for the kids. They can jump around on the mat within the secure enclosure or go a step further and start practicing jumping and shooting the basketball into the hoop or dunking it. The product is built for outdoor use and to last, hence except for exceeding the specified weight limit there is little that you need to be worried about the usage.


The product is one of the best options around, with most of its drawbacks being the same as in other similar products. However, Merax 15 FT Trampoline comes closer to this and is something which can be viewed as an alternative, especially it being less cumbersome to set up.

Final Verdict

In view of the carried features, the Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline is one of the most sought after trampolines and we agree with the popularity. The safety features in the trampoline are the major reason why we would consider this to be the better option available in the market. Couple that up with the value for money it offers, this is the right choice in most of the cases. The overall Skywalker trampolines review is satisfactory and you should purchase it for your kid without a second thought.

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